This effective idea of flipping classrooms has been around for a little while now in some academic settings. Universities for example have started using this concept: Students watch online material at home,then do their 'homework' in class under the guidance of teachers, meaning more time spent processing and understanding content with teacher support. 

Dance teachers, how could you take advantage of this concept for your studio?

Sharing or pre-sharing choreography (e.g., variations) may provide students with more valuable technical practise time with you, where they can really take advantage of your coaching expertise. 

This article also touches in the value of video feedback from a technical perspective. How often do your students have the opportunity to really analyse their own movement? Are you able to use video to draw a students attention to what they should focus on or think of at a specific point in time when this is difficult to do in a real time rehearsal situation? Is there a time efficient way you can make it easier for students to ask questions and for you to feedback.